Cost Savings Comparison

Starting a small business can be more expensive than you think – even if you run it from your home. These costs can sneak up on you, especially if you’re used to having subscriptions available from your former employer.

Buying the basics

Some of the biggest costs come when you first set up your business. These expenses include legally incorporating the business and acquiring office productivity software like Microsoft Office or G Suite so you can send emails and invoices, and collaborate with clients online.

As you start to build your business and win more clients, you might want to invest in a subscription to a media database.  You’ll also want a simple website, which requires the cost of registering the domain, building and hosting the site, and licensing the images you put on it.

You can also spend time and lots of money asking for professional advice from lawyers, HR pros, and accountants, as well as other marketers and freelancers.

At ProsInComms, we take the sting of out all these costs so you can quickly get your business up and running. As freelancers ourselves, we remember what it was like to start a business and want to make sure your learning curves are low and your profits are high. 

Based on our relationships with the top vendors and service providers that specialize in helping marketing and PR professionals, we’re able to get our members great deals on the technology and services they need to grow their business.

How much a ProsInComms membership saves you

Incorporate your business
HR Advice
Legal Advice
Accounting/Taxes Advice
Tax prep
10% off
1:1 Freelancing Advice
Graphic Design
Varies per project
G Suite
Microsoft 365
Website registration
$5.58 (varies by promotion)
Website development
15% off
Website hosting
$4.98-$9.88/yr (varies by promotion)
Cision Media Database
30% off (license can be shared)
Zoom Pro