WEBINAR PLAYBACK: The Six Figure Freelancer

Let’s ditch the taboo of not talking about billings and revenue. It’s time to have a real conversation about what it takes to consistently earn six figures annually as a communications freelancer.  

If you’re thinking about making the leap to freelancing, or want to grow your existing freelance business, this webinar is for you.  

While the live webinar already happened, you can listen to the playback and view the slides to learn more about:

  • The 6 Ps of freelancing
  • Determining which type of freelancer you are
  • Setting your billing rate
  • Determining how many clients you need
  • Generating new business
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Scoping a job
  • Q&A

Listen to the playback and hear the discount code to get 35% off your first year membership in ProsInComms.

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