Frequently Asked Questions


What is ProsInComms?

ProsInComms is an online community for professional communicators. This includes experts in PR, marketing, internal and executive communications, SEO, event planning, content strategy, analyst relations, copywriters, and anybody else who makes a living from crafting and communicating messages.

What's included in the membership?

Members get professional advice on how to start and grow a consulting business. This includes live, one-on-one coaching sessions, premium content covering HR, employment law, and accounting, contract job postings, and discounts on the software and services they need to run their business.  

What vendors are included in the discounts?

Our partners offer everything a freelancer needs including: Cision, G Suite, Zoom, Microsoft 365,, Namecheap, and so many more. We also have partnership with proven professionals in graphic design, website development, podcasting, and video production services. We’re constantly growing our network of partners so be sure to come back to the site and see what’s new.

How do the discounts work?

The discounts are only available to members. When you consider how much it costs to start a small business, even from you home, it can quickly add up. ProsInComms drastically reduces those costs.

Does ProsInComms earn a percentage on the sale of software and services offering by partners?

ProsInComms has built relationships with top industry service providers to offer members the lowest prices on the technology and services they need. We do not take a commission on the vast majority of products and services offered by partners, unless they are an affiliate partner. The percentage of affiliate referral deals is the equivalent of a few cups of coffee. Affiliate partners are clearly identified.

Do you have job postings?

Yes, members get a weekly newsletter featuring curated contract job openings. We also encourage members and website visitors to post their jobs with us at no cost.

Do you charge to bid on jobs?


Do you take a commission when a freelancer gets a job through ProsInComms?


Is ProsInComms a job marketplace like Upwork or Freelancer?

No. While ProsInComms shares job postings with members, our focus is on providing all the insight and tools a freelancer needs to find their own clients and build a lucrative consulting practice.

Is ProsInComms only for freelancers?

No. While the majority of our subscribers are freelancers, we also invite agencies and corporate teams to join, take advantage of the discounts, and connect with solo practitioners.