Do You Call Yourself the “F” Word?

F word

It’s funny how the word freelancer used to conjure images of starving artists, someone actively looking for a full-time job, or jet setters that pick up short-term assignments before taking off on another exotic trip.

The evolution of the independent workforce and rise in opportunities to create a profitable business from almost anywhere in the world have redefined today’s freelancer. In the communications industry, there’s a groundswell of self-employed, seasoned professionals that are earning the same, if not more, than they did when they were on someone else’s payroll.

They use a variety of ways to describe how they make a living. Freelancer, contractor, consultant, small business owner, president, and principal are the most popular. Many full-time freelancers prefer to be called small business owners or consultants.

This makes sense when you consider they’re responsible for every facet of running a business including accounting, admin, finance, marketing, and client service.

How to Position Yourself on a New Business Pitch

Given all that it takes to start and run a successful communications consulting business, somehow the word freelancer doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

When it comes to pitching and winning new business, it’s more impactful for freelancers to position themselves as small business owners dedicated to building a successful consulting practice. It also makes clients feel secure that they’re hiring a business that will be with them for the long haul.

If you’re a communications freelancer, consider positioning yourself as a small business owner. It can lead to more lucrative opportunities, longer-term client engagements, and more fulfilling work.

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